R.W. Bro. James G. Bowman

R.W. Bro. James G. Bowman, District Deputy Grand Master, Ottawa District 1

The Traditions and traditional values of Masonry have shaped the life of R.W. Bro. James G. Bowman and helped create a man who places the highest value on Family, Community and The Craft.


Jim was raised in Kenmore, ON as the eldest son of R. W. Bro. Grant Bowman and Frances. He has a younger brother,  W. Bro. John Bowman, and is also the extremely proud father of Deanna and Sam. Being raised in a Masonic family - his father a member of various Masonic Lodges and Concordant Bodies,  Frances a strong member of the Eastern Star,  Jim became a member of the Order of DeMolay in 1982, with his brother John following 4 years later. Jim received the Degree of Chevalier and the Legion of Honour while in the Order of DeMolay.


Life-long friendships that began as a boy in the DeMolay, as well as a healthy exposure to Masonic activities with Grant Cook's Cowboys group, and later with the Bowman's Rednecks, eventually paved the way for Jim to join Russell Masonic Lodge in April 1998. Jim was Worshipful Master in 2004, 2006, 2018, 19, 20, and 21.  In 2016, Jim joined Claudius R. Walker Lodge, No. 1808 in Nassau, Bahamas, and is a proud Member and supporter of Masonic activities throughout The Bahamas.  


Jim has personally enjoyed being in The Fraternity. But, in his Life inside The Craft and outside in the community, he has applied Masonic teachings and has taken many pages of inspiration out of R. W. Bro. Ken Sharp's book. Jim has served as the District Chair for Charity several times; devoted many years to helping the elderly; and has supported Youth in many endeavors including a variety of sports. Jim has supported various community events in the Kenmore/Metcalfe area and served on local community boards during the past 30 years. He currently sits on the Springhill Cemetery Board and is the Treasurer/Ice Maker for the Kenmore Recreation Association. 

 Professionally, Jim joined the Osgoode Township Fire Department in 1986 where he served for 15 years. In 1996, Jim became a member of the Ottawa Fire Service and now holds the Rank of Captain. 


Jim takes great satisfaction in helping others in need, and truly enjoys his many genuine friendships in Freemasonry, both here and abroad.  Social activities with good friends and family are always appreciated, but none more than time spent playing cards or sight-seeing with his mother – Frances; or hanging out with his two greatest loves, children Deanna and Sam.